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Газови горелки серия RS 70-100-130-190-250

Quality engineered for North American emission Standards and available in full modulating operation, Riello R-Series gas burners come with standard features that deliver high efficiency and reduced fuel consumption for applications such as hot water and steam boilers, thermal oil heaters and other light industrial processes with high-capacity requirements.

The RS burner’s factory pre-wired, integrated control panel offers user-friendly operation and ease of service while contributing to an extremely compact overall design.

Sound deadening material incorporated within the air intake housing further contributes to the RS’s low-noise operation.

Riello’s quality engineered, die-cast aluminum construction allows for the RS’s remarkably compact design, light weight and ease of installation.

Riello R-Series gas burners are available in firing rates from 198 to 10034 MBtuh to handle a broad range of commercial, industrial and process applications. Offered in a variety of configurations with optional accessories, our RS models deliver uncompromising performance and reliability.

R-Series gas burners up to the 250 size are available as eitherclassic or new chassis style.

R-Series classic chassis gas burners utilize Siemens LFL or Siemens LMV3.

New chassis style burners utilize Honeywell RM7840L, Siemens LMV3 or LMV5 controls, incorporating as standard (5) indicating lights and alarm horn with silencing.